Enjoy These 4 Beautiful Parks Near Smyrna

Smyrna, Georgia, sits about 10 miles northwest of Atlanta and is commonly referred to as the Jonquil City. It received this name because of the thousands of jonquils that bloom along the streets and in the gardens every spring. Smyrna is a beautiful area and is home to several parks where residents and visitors can go to enjoy the warm Georgia weather. Here are some of the most beautiful parks near Smyrna.

  1. Jonquil Park

Jonquil Park on Park Road is a 14-acre park with a playground, multipurpose fields, and a walking trail. It has a covered pavilion for those who want to stop and have a picnic and stay out of the sun, and it has a large parking area. The playground has several structures for the kids to play on, and there are restrooms conveniently located right at the park. This is a small area, but it is clean and well-kept.

  1. North Cooper Lake Park

Located on North Cooper Lake Road, North Cooper Lake Park covers 51 acres and features a variety of amenities. This is a popular spot for mountain bikers who like to hit the trails, and there is also a community garden. The large open space is perfect for kids who want to run and play or for those who want to bring a soccer ball or football. This park also has a nice walking trail, and there are public restrooms.

  1. Taylor-Brawner Park

Taylor-Brawner Park has lots of green space, a play area, and a walking path. There is a gazebo with picnic tables if you want to stop and have a picnic lunch, and there’s a playground for the kids.

This is a beautifully landscaped space, it is always clean, and the open space makes it fun for kids or anyone else who want to play a game of soccer or Ultimate Frisbee. The walking and biking trails provide a place for everyone to get some exercise. You can head here on a Tuesday for Food Truck Tuesday, or you can bring your own food to have a budget-friendly lunch.

  1. Brinkley Park

Spend a relaxing afternoon at Brinkley Park. Sit and watch the kids play at the playground, or go for a walk on the walking trail. In the spring, you’ll probably run into a T-ball game or a Little League Baseball game, so make sure to stop and cheer on the kids. There is some great open space for running and playing, and restrooms are conveniently located right on site.

This is another park that has a covered pavilion for those who want to get out of the sun. You can even contact the city of Smyrna to reserve it for a birthday party or any other family get-together.

Stop by any of these Smyrna parks for some beautiful scenery and lots of fun for the whole family. They all have plenty of parking, playgrounds for the kids, and covered areas when you want to get out of the hot sun.